What is the right time for your office design overhaul?

What is the right time for your office design overhaul

What is the right time for your office design overhaul?

Most prefer redesigning the pre-designed offices they’ve moved into or are looking to construct the office of their dreams. Irrespective of your reasoning, it is challenging to recognise the right moment for an office design overhaul. With changing trends and evolving office models, organisations have been putting a conscious effort into revamping their flat, old, enclosed office spaces into modern, technology-enabled, agile workspaces. Below mentioned are some of those reasons that might inspire you to redesign your office decor. 


  • Change in the brand image:

    No matter how big or small a company is, every organisation has its brand image. With time and changing market trends, organisations should also update their brand. But if your company and brand have evolved, while the aesthetic of the interior of your office remains the same, it is high time to consider a fresh aesthetic and idea. As the office is the centre of all your business activity, you must be working in an environment that represents the company’s brand. Investors, clients, new employees and visitors seeing the office space must be able to associate it with your brand and its values effortlessly. You can go for something as simple as the brand matching colour palate or a newly introduced and refurbished break room. Whatever it is should complement your brand’s aesthetic while communicating your objectives and vision with the employees, clients and visitors. 


  • Team productivity:

    Team productivity is greatly dependent on the working environment and space offered. A comfortable, optimised, functional workspace inspires efficiency and diligence amongst the employees. An outdated, broken-down office can be the reason for the decline in productivity. Therefore, an overall redesign will show your workers that you care about them and are willing to invest in their well-being. This will also help you acquire their trust and loyalty.

  • Evolution of culture:

    The business culture prevalent in an office is often the extension of the organisation’s work ideology. The layout or plan of your office should be inspired by your cultural objectives and should be an apt representation of them. Remember, the aesthetics of the office should match not only the brand image but also the business goals and objectives.

  • Sustainability:

    It is crucial for all of us to contribute to the environment in our own small ways. Thus, the use of sustainable items with low embodied carbon is highly recommended. Sustainability should be the heart of your office redesign and is also a brilliant way to attract, retain and engage top talent and clients. 

  • Optimising costs:

    An office redesign does not necessarily have to cost a ginormous amount of money. You can reuse and revamp existing furniture into whatever you need to cut back expenses. This will save you from the costs of a complete overhaul and lengthy construction work.


Employers need to realise that they offer workers a space that becomes a significant part of their lives and lifestyle. Hence, creating an office space that enhances lives and provides peace of mind is crucial. In addition, creating a sustainable, pocket-friendly, technology-enabled workplace that allows employees to collaborate and mingle together enhances their will to work. 


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