10 office design tips for better productivity of employees

office design tips for better productivity of employees

People absorb the energy of their surroundings. The same goes for office spaces too. Being productive at work is of utmost importance. It ensures that we’re making the most out of ourselves, prioritising tasks leaving no pending assignments and utilising our time in a structured and balanced way. Employees must consistently organise, plan and manage tasks efficiently to avoid falling behind and make optimum use of their opportunities. If the office is filled with uncomfortable furniture, has poor lighting and minimal office space, it will hinder the productivity and attention of the employee and take a toll on their emotional well-being. An inefficient layout or inconvenient furniture decreases mental focus. These adverse inhibitors can be stopped and controlled by rejuvenating the office space and providing employees with a conducive, healthy environment. Let’s now discuss the different ways your office design can be optimised to stimulate motivation and productivity. 

1. Take into consideration your layout:

Carefully analyse the needs, requirements and challenges of you or your team before selecting an office layout. The organisation’s work culture, personality, policies, working style and financial ability also play an essential role in making these decisions. Though all these parameters playing in at once might seem daunting, it will help you design an effective, safe and productive environment space. For example, if the organisation’s work requires employees to interact constantly, shared tables, open spaces, and close seating arrangements will enable such collaboration. 


2.Opportunities for movement– It is said that one can indeed be productive by acknowledging when they’ve hit their productivity wall and taking several short breaks to refresh and rejuvenate. This helps employees gain a new perspective and benefits their mental health and vision. The mental breaks keep you focused and aid in improving your overall health, reducing stress, and increasing your energy levels. Opting to stand to sit desks or placing specific daily use equipment on the other side of the room will encourage movement.

3.Ergonomic designs– Employees spend a good chunk of their time, every week, at work. It functions as their second home and should have an ergonomic, optimum design. The furniture and other accessories should be purchased considering someone will be spending 45 hours using them every day. Tables must be of a convenient height with several drawers or compartments for organisation and storage; chairs should be lightweight and easily adjustable. These features might seem insignificant but can successfully reduce the possibility of musculoskeletal problems and alleviate other physical ailments.

4.Know the psychology of colour– Many of you might not be aware of this little tidbit, but colours significantly impact us psychologically. They stimulate our emotions and behaviour. Therefore it is essential to determine your objective before picking the colours that will coat the interiors of your office space. Here is a list of a few colours and their impact on the human psyche:

  • White– The colour is often associated with cleanliness and is not very inspiring. The kitchen space or washrooms can be painted white. 
  • Black- Emanates authority but has a sinister undertone. It can be used to create a complementary accent and transforms your ordinary-looking office space into a luxurious workspace. 
  • Purple– though the colour is quite rare, it carries a tone of royalty and ambition. 
  • Green- research has shown that the colour improves and enhances creative performance by representing balance, growth and nature. 
  • Blue– thought of as one of the most productive colours, it boosts relaxation and intellectual thought. 
  • Red- the intense colour can get your mental energy flowing and is, therefore, better suited for furnishing or social areas. 
  • Yellow– the bright colour promotes happiness and positivity, radiating productivity. 

5. Allow the flow of natural light- Lighting can affect work productivity and mental health. Natural light, specifically, is essential for one’s circadian rhythms and boosts happiness and vitamin D absorption. “Exposure to sunlight can improve an office worker’s quality of life and sleep”, according to research conducted by Northwestern University. Installation of windows in your workspace is critical; you may also consider using reflective mirrors or furniture. 

6. Art and personal items- According to surveys and experiments, productivity increases 64% by incorporating art or personal items in the workspace. You may also allow your employees to personalise their workspace; this will lower stress levels and make them feel at home in their own respective spaces. 

7. Designate distinct office spaces- Create and designate pleasant and quiet areas in your office layout, allowing employees to meet and collaborate as a team. Fun zones such as game rooms or napping zones can be designed to alleviate stress. 

8.Installation of community boards- Boards placed in shared spaces are a great way of broadcasting important messages and announcements and keeping employees apprised of the proceedings and developments of the organisation. The boards may also serve the purpose of motivating employees by posting images, flyers, photos for new doses of inspiration. 

9. Noise-cancelling furniture and accessories- Noise is the biggest hindrance to office-based productivity. Unnecessary noise can be highly distracting and exacerbate stress levels, leading to an unproductive environment. Therefore, the priority should be the installation of furniture and accessories that can absorb the surrounding sound while simultaneously maintaining the office aesthetic. 

10. Timeless decor- It is the small things that rejuvenate a plain office space. The right accessories can make the office space livelier and emanate creativity. 


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